Feelings from underneath the Desert Sun

Feelings from underneath the Desert Sun was made for Artivism Dance Theatre’s event “MOVEment for Change”.  It contemporary dance piece exploring the movement of the traditional dress for women in Saudi Arabia. It is a provocative, yet empowering and uplifting story of the Abaya, told through a movement conversation between two dancers. The piece serves to suggest that contemporary societies and communities take a closer look at the relationship between observation and perception. Additionally the piece investigates to what extend using costume can alter the viewings of choreography and contemporary-classical forms.

Feelings from underneath the Desert Sun was performed in Borgo San Lorenzo for “Storie” in August 2016. The piece was performed for Body Politics at Chisenhale Dance,  London in October 2016.

In August 2018, Sarah Louise joined Norte Maar’s Dance at Socrates in New York City for a showing of the piece.