An Apple A Day

“They say an Apple A Day keeps the doctor away, I don’t know who they are”


An Apple A Day is a vulnerable story of what happens when our emotions are powerful to the extend that they become a decease. As an all female ensemble piece, An Apple A Day attempts to make sense of the emotional leftovers of unrequited love. It is a lyrical story of despair, loneliness and an attempt to make sense of the most human experience in the world: losing love. An Apple A Day was first presented at RichMix in 2014 and was reworked with a larger cast and set to a new original score by Jonathan Fletcher for Resolution 2016.


“It was the only piece in which the choreographer was not also a performer. There is a purpose to this observation, since Kristiansen has an holistic approach to creating a theatrical experience. Her work had an inventive and varied lighting design (by Nick Herman) that fluctuated from the house lights suddenly up to pinpoints of spotlight and oblong channels of illumination. The surrounding darkness concealed the mysterious arrival of a bumper crop of a hundred or more apples, suddenly appearing with the light, as embossed dots across the stage. ” – Graham Watts for LondonDance